Ronin's 6th Birthday
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Thursday, August 09, 2018
By Remember When Photography
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My poor husband had to help me pull off yet another party.  I usually do a great job handling everything but this year proved to be a bit of a challenge. Those of you who know me know I get a tiny bit crazy with Ronin's birthday parties!  We are in the middle of renos and considered not having a big party this year...but who was I kidding.

This one was a 'Magic' theme.  The Magic Studio's TD Sparks was excellent entertainment for the kids.  Latte Art Love came and provided all the moms and dads with some much needed caffeine!  She even made special drinks for the kids.  My husband is the first to say I went WAY over the top by hiring a barista but I was able to enjoy the party and have the most wonderful latte's which made it SO worth it! Nomi, the franchise owner of Panago crowfoot, made more than enough pizza for everyone to enjoy, it was a hit as always.  Rita of Cupcake Stories designed and made the two tiered cake as well as the cupcakes which were fabulous.  Sweet Relief made custom sugar cookies for the 6th year in a row!  Another amazing person who hasn't missed a birthday yet is Abeer.  She is so talented, every child was smiling ear to ear with their faces painted (and a few adults too)!  I highly recommend her for henna and face painting and wouldn't have anyone else.  Sky came for the second year in a row and made each of the kids a balloon animal (or two).  Everyone loved them.

My 2018 goal is to purge the house-so Ronin asked for $6 to as a gift idea.  Aunty Jess had to add her creative spin on this by making a money tree--check out the picture!  He also got some new clothes, chalk, legos, starwars battleship, lightsaber and a few other gifts from his generous friends and family!  Not all of Ronin's friends were able to make it this year.  We had it over a long weekend and appreciate everyone who was able to come!  I am so thankful the weather turned out to be great as we're all melting this week!  Thank you to everyone who came and all who helped.  Thank you to everyone who was able to baby hold.  I really sat back and enjoyed the party this year and it was so nice to see so many of our family and friends.  See you at the 7th!!

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