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Mother's Day
Tuesday, April 09, 2019
By Remember When Photography
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Have you ever gone to post a picture where you look gorgeous then realize your husbands eyes are closed?  Did you post it anyway?

I've decided to do a series on looking good in photos.  Why is this important to me?  Because I'm a girl.  I'm a girl who, before I had children, would never leave the house looking less than presentable.  Now a days, with a baby screaming at me and clawing at my leg while I attempt to put on a bit of mascara, I look less like Drew in 50 First Dates and more like Sandra did in Miss Congeniality (before her makeover).  I did SO well on my diet before my vacation...but returned to late night hot coco and carbs...a lot of carbs.

Let's face it, you can't always look 100% together, but with these photos you can remember the day where you gave yourself permission to take a little bit of time to take care of you.  That's why I put together this year's Mother's Day Mini's.  They're not as cheap as I've done mini sessions for in the past, and I'd like to tell you why.

These sessions are meant to be an experience.  I have a beautiful studio booked for us and I have a professional interior designer (Javeda) doing three custom backdrops.  The sessions are 20 minuets which allows me to give you the best value I can.  Options for personalized styling and make up (by Jessica) at the studio can be added to your session.

I don't want to spoil all the details of the day but I will tell you it will be special.  I will tell you that I had these photos done this last weekend-without loosing the 10lbs.  I am self conscience- I know the power of good angels and good lighting (with a hint of editing).  I am a bit of a bossy photographer, but it's to ensure your photos are going to be print-worthy.  We laugh and play and have a fun time, so the photos are getting your natural beauty, just the best side of it.

Here are some beautiful moms I took pictures of over the weekend.  The light airy component of the images is very flattering for all skin tones and add a certain elegance that makes my heart skip.