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The Lyle Family
Thursday, October 27, 2016
By Remember When Photography
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I first met Jennifer at a moms group when Autumn was a toddler testing her limits by climbing up to the top of the playground to the huge slide!  We have always been so excited to see each other, I get a big hug each time.  I was fortunate enough to capture the tiny rolls and wrinkles of Emmett when he was just a few days old.  Steve and Jen have always been fantastic at our family pictures.  The four of them make my job very easy.  

This year we decided to go to Big Hill Springs.  Emmett is big enough to walk the path on his own and Autumn loved seeing the waterfalls (the only thing we didn't like was the mud).  Emmett was so tired and decided he didn't like the look of my camera.  Autumn and I ran up ahead and hid in the bushes so he wouldn't notice his picture being taken!

Thank you all for another fabulous afternoon together!